Lighting made in Germany

LED machine lights

Machine lights for harsh and extreme environments

The illumination of machines poses highly specialised challenges: machine lights need to be able to withstand mechanical influences and extreme temperatures. In addition, liquids such as oils and emulsions must not damage the lights. LED2WORK GmbH specialises in precisely these requirements and has many years of experience as a manufacturer of LED machine lights. Our machine lights have high protection ratings to provide reliable and safe lighting for machinery and production facilities.

Machine lights of the highest quality standards

Tough, indestructible, durable, easy to install and bright – these are the five characteristics that count when it comes to lighting machinery. As specialists in this field, we have designed our luminaires accordingly.

Machine light characteristics and key specifications

  • Extremely tough housings made of metal, mostly aluminium
  • Covers made of safety glass
  • Viton® gaskets offering a high level of protection
  • High-power LED chips
  • Spotlight function or uniform area lighting
  • Suitable for mounting in very tight spaces
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Lifetime of > 50,000 to > 60,000 operating hours
  • High energy efficiency thanks to LED chips
  • No maintenance times; absolutely maintenance-free
  • 36 months warranty
  • Protection class III with 24V DC connection
  • Protection class I with 220-240V AC connection
  • Easy to retrofit into existing machines
  • Daylight white 5,200K - 5,700K
  • Electrically chainable (cascadable machine lights)