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LED workplace lights

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LED task lights for every requirement

The requirements of an optimal illumination at the workplace are very individual. Therefore, LED2WORK GmbH develops a wide range of LED workplace luminaires - these include our LED flex arm luminaires, LED articulated arm luminaires and LED system luminaires. With the right lighting in the workplace, productivity and quality of work performance is increased, and at the same time, good lighting affects the health and safety of your workers.

Poor lighting in the workplace leads to a sharp decline in performance and a higher error rate. Proper lighting is therefore a crucial factor for balanced and concentrated work in the office, laboratory or factory. Ergonomic illumination with LED task lights facilitates the visual tasks performed and thus the processing of visual information.

  • Lighting in the workplace should adapt to the emotional and biological needs of people.
  • Ideally, LED task lights as well as light sources with the right color temperature are used - ideally complementing natural sunlight.
  • Balanced lighting adapted to the respective activity is necessary - the workplace must be neither too dark nor too bright, and in parallel the quality of light must be right.

LED task lights with the latest LED technology

The latest LED technology is always installed in the robust and high-quality housings of the LED workplace lights. We use selected LED chips with a very narrow binning for a permanent, bright and glare-free illumination.

Very low UGR values and motivating light colors like daylight white or natural white support the work in assembly, handcraft or quality control. The selected quality of the LED chips guarantees a very good color rendering. The LED lights with TRI-R technology via TUNABLE WHITE even achieve a color rendering of Ra 98 and a color spectrum comparable to sunlight.

The LED task lights we manufacture can be infinitely dimmed as standard or with accessories, so that the right light intensity can be set for every visual task. Flexible and quick installation makes the lights versatile. Our LED workplace lights have a very low heat generation and have an above-average service life.


Advantages of LED technology

Compared to conventional solutions, as they are often still used, the LED workplace lights manufactured by us have unbeatable advantages: